Tax Planning

Berkshire Wealth is uniquely placed to offer its Sophisticated High Net Worth clients and Professional Introducers, access to bespoke tax planning opportunities, that are both compliant with the relevant tax provisions as anticipated by UK Parliament and provide for potentially significant commercial returns.

The UK Tax Code is becoming ever more complex and it is therefore essential that when considering tax planning, clients should ensure that they are working with a firm that is able to guide them through this minefield of Tax Legislation. We aim to ensure that clients reduce their tax liabilities by utilising rules and reliefs available within the legislation, whilst staying abreast of regulatory changes as and when they are made.

We believe that by understanding fully the needs of our clients, our experience enables us to present and facilitate solutions that are bespoke and effective and which crucially, achieve clients’ objectives to minimise their liability to taxes, whilst being compliant with an ever changing legislative environment.

In order to achieve these aims, we consider it is essential to fully understand each different client’s situation. We will therefore work within a framework for each client that is built around these core stages.

  • Meeting with the client
  • Reviewing the client’s current circumstances
  • Understanding what the client would like to achieve
  • Reporting back to the client with our ideas
  • Implementation of the agreed planning for the client
  • Ongoing review of the client’s affairs

At Berkshire Wealth, the success of our business is achieved by building lasting relationships with each of our clients, based upon mutual trust and transparent communication.

Tax Planning